3 Interesting Facts About Politics

They say politics is a dirty game. But you will not understand this until you experience the dirt in it. The corrupt lawmakers and their increasing assets have encouraged the idea of presenting politics as a profitable career. There are several young and ambitious youths in the world. They all have their dreams. Some of them want to become doctors, engineers, and others want to be lawyers.

But things are taking a new turn thanks to politics. Young youths are made to think that politics is the best career path for them. While it is not a bad idea to become a politician, some dreams have been killed. But do you know everything about politics? Most of those we asked this question said they know everything. If you said the same, you are wrong. There are so many things that you don’t know about politics. We did some research and here are some of the three interesting facts about politics that will shock you.

A chance to accumulate huge assets

If you are keen, you have realized that most politicians only became rich after they joined politics. Most of them, their stories are like that of rags to riches tale. They were poor and some of them come from a poor background. Once these people become, MPs, senators, or governors, they start gaining large assets. They become rich, have big companies and get so famous. At the point of their retirement, they have riches enough to last them a lifetime. But this is not an easy way to get rich. Well, this is an opportunity if you get it, grab it with both hands. 

You always live in fear

This is one of the most dangerous ventures you can ever get into. While every business has its risks, politics is very dangerous. Not only you but your entire family. Most politicians live their lives in fear. While you are busy walking in the streets comfortably, politicians are always thinking someone is following them. While this could be true, it is like a disturbance to your life. If you want to enjoy your time and feel free walking around, don’t consider becoming a politician. Politicians don’t sleep comfortably like the poor kid in the slums.

It’s among the highest paying careers

Did you know that in some countries like India, politics is among the highest paying career? Perhaps this is the reason why most youths are interested in becoming politicians. This is not a speculation but if you wish to confirm this, just search the internet about politician salaries and you will be surprised at the amount they take home every month. The most interesting fact is that most of their money comes from corruption. If you plan to be a politician in the future, get ready to join the long list of corrupt leaders in the world.


Many facts about politics will surprise you. While some politicians are good, you will be shocked to learn how people change once they join politics.

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